Animation of a couple of slides from a powerpoint showPowerPoint Resources

This page contains links to helpful resources for those involved in producing the church PowerPoint presentations. Although aimed primarily at those who use the projection equipment at Springdale, please feel free to take a look.


Using PowerPoint .pdf version of presentation about how to put a hymn together in PowerPoint (2MB file)
sample.ppt a readymade presentation containing a sample hymn, together with the welcome and closing slides. Can be used as a base for other services. (The CCLI licence number only applies to Springdale)
projector.pdf .pdf instructions for setting up the projector for a service

Useful websites free images, can be used by churches with simple acknowledgement only. Christian company.
ReelWorship worship resources including many PowerPoint backgrounds. Requires free registration.
morgueFile free image resources on every conceivable subject
Methodist ICT resource sharing a forum where ICT resources produced locally can be shared and used openly by anyone for use in churches.
Family Friendly Churches Trust has some resources relating to projection and PowerPoint.
Twelvebaskets images and other resources (requires a paid subscription for many items). Set up with support of the Methodist Church .